What do we offer

Qanyon was built on the principle that no company should have to work with web applications that aren't perfect for them. Because if the platform doesn't fit your companies needs 100%, why are you even using it? So what can we do to help you?


We sit down with you and help you identify the problems and bottlenecks in your current business process. We define the required levels of security, reliability,.. And with all this information we start cracking on a detailed plan of execution so that during the whole development process, you know exactly what we're doing.



Once we've talked, we can start actually making your dream platform. We don't just build it in one go, no! Agile is the way to go. Every sprint is about 2 weeks of development, after those 2 weeks we sit down with you and go over our progress and adjust course if necessary.



Once the platform is complete we'll do everything necessary to get your platform online, securely. Or we'll assist your IT department. You can expect our full support and attention to get everything setup!

Work with us

Please write us about how frustrated you are with your current business process!